Presentation is Everything

Professional Photos and videos enhance the allure of all properties. Real estate listings that include professional photography sell 32% faster and real estate listing videos are shown to attract 403% more inquiries than those listings that don't.

Clay Visions Realty Media

A little about Clay Visions Realty Media

Clay Visions Realty Media is a company specifically designed to meet the digital marketing needs of the real estate industry. With over a decade in general graphic design and video production; including 5 plus years of dedicated mortgage company design media, the company gradually began to narrow focus. There they found the love of being able to mix visual and creative storytelling with the expertise of the industry and this is how they found their niche.

Let us enhance how people see your property.

Why Choose Clay Visions Realty Media

Besides us being awesome?... Well there are a few other very good reasons to choose Clay Visions Realty Media.


Let's start where it really counts...experience. More experience not only means less mistakes, it also comes with wisdom and information. We offer more than just photos and videos, we offer solutions.

Consideration for Your Time

Along with quality production, the overall experience of our clients is very important. We understand that in this field timing is a major factor. With that in mind we gaurantee a 48 hour turnaround on every job.


Sometimes you only get 1 shot at a first impression. We understand what type of imagery the industry wants and needs to see. We also provide this imagery in the highest quality possible.


If still pictures aren't enough, and many times they aren't, we also provide video. Our videos are shot in 4k with a cinematic feel. We even offer our clients the ability to be in the video to add a personal touch.

The Professional Touch

Lighting, shot selection, and post production are just a few differences between average and amazing. We have professional in-house photographers, videographers and editors. Our goal is to make properties standout.


Our pricing is 100% transparent. Your 1st quote will be your final quote. We understand ROI's and our clients will never feel overpriced or cheated. We put ourselves in our clients shoes. A win for our clients is a win for us as well.

Package Pricing

Photo Only


10-25 Edited Photos
(interior & exterior)

Sky Enhancements

5-10 Drone Photos
(if possible1)

0-1500 sq ft $150
1501-3000 sq ft
3001-5000 sq ft
5001+ sq ft
hourly fee

Photo & Video


Combination of photo and video packages

0-1500 sq ft $400
1501-3000 sq ft
3001-5000 sq ft
5001+ sq ft
hourly fee

Video Only


1-3 Minute Walk Through
(interior & exterior)

Agent Intro and Outro

Drone Video
(if possible1)

0-1500 sq ft $250
1501-3000 sq ft
3001-5000 sq ft
5001+ sq ft
hourly fee


  • 10 Photos (Int., Ext. or Drone) - $100
  • 60 sec. Vertical Video - $75
  • 1 Social Media Post (1x1 and 16x9) - $50
  • Full Agent Explainer Video - plus $1002
  • Image Color Correction - $25 per photo
  • Image Object Removal - $25 per photo
  • Digital Twighlight Photos - $25 per photo
  • Travel Fee - plus $50 (if over 30mi. outside 60430)
  • 24 Hour Rush - $75
  • Headshot - $50
  1. Drone Footage available only if weather permits and if area is clear for flying.
  2. Requires purchase of a package

Latest Work

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Clients Say

We're pretty good at what we do!

I found Clay Visons Realty Media online while looking for a new photography company. Safe to say I found one. They know what they're doing and they do a great job. They are definitely my first call when I get a new listing.

Parish Wentworth
Real Estate Broker

The work they did was amazing! They were polite, professional and very informative. I definitely recommend working with Clay Visions.

Jocyelin Taylor

I was trying to sell my house for 3 months with little to no offers. Then, I hired Clay Visions Realty and 4 days after I posted the pictures and videos, I recieved over 20 calls to see the property in-person. I don't believe it was coincedence, I believe it was Clay Visions.

Alyssa Brooks

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